...That's What She Said.


       Breathe deep, breathe alone

        I will hold you as my own

       When the time has made amends

        I'll be here with strengthened hands

Take It All 

Take It All

You can take my courage, take away all of my pride
You can take my money, and burn it before my eyes
You can crash my future and everything I once believed
Take my heart and my…Read more


Looks like you need therapy
A love bandage to stop the bleed
That girl is no good for you
She’s infectious and untrue
And now you’re down with a lovesick flu…
I can heal you
Sit back baby and…Read more

A Beautiful Shade of Gray

There's a pressure in the air, it's a feeling every day
Our world is met with beauty, but it's lost in a single work's day
We're all trying to be some one,
But we are all someone.

Just listen to…Read more

Courage Invites Critics

I've been spinning on this planet long enough to know
If they even care, most are thinkin' no one's home
Then comes that one moment
You prove you've got a point
The world has all agreed
you're a genius for…

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